What is LiveFit?

LiveFit is a whole new way to eat. Our in-house chefs create nourishing dishes that get delivered right to your door, ready to heat and eat when you are.
Amazing Chefs

Our chefs create dishes they love in our local kitchens.
Each chef has their own style, which brings tons
of variety to our menu, from juicy roast chicken to pan-seared salmon. Once it’s ready to head your way, we chill the food to keep it fresh.
Food You Want

Mealtimes are more than food. They’re time to relax. Sometimes that means recharging all by yourself, other times it’s about connecting with friends and family. However you eat your meals, we’re here to make it as easy as it is delicious.
What is special about our food?

LiveFit is based on real foods and natural ingredients. Our ingredients are chosen with care. It's about eating the foods you love and emphasizing the ones that nourish your body; generous portions of vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and seeds, with smaller servings of grains and dairy.

Within just a couple days of eating the gourmet LiveFit meals, you'll notice a difference. As the empty calories you had been consuming are replaced with nutritionally rich ingredients, your body will start noticing positive changes.
Delivered Anywhere

Our friendly delivery folk arrive with your food, still chilled so it stays fresh. We’ll bring it right to your front door. Or your desk. Or your friend's place.
When will my meals expire? Should I reheat my meals?

They generally last 5 days in a fridge but we do recommend that you freeze them as soon as you get them to preserve the quality and life of the meal. However we have had customers eat meals that have been left in a fridge for 7 days and haven't had any problems but this is up to the customers discretion. Defrosting them in the fridge over night from frozen before reheating them is also recommended.

All meals must be reheated before consumption. You can use your microwave to reheat them until the food steams since the containers are microwave safe (the sauce containers are NOT microwave safe). The toaster oven is our recommended go-to heating appliance because it provides even, gentle heating. If you decide to heat in a toaster oven or oven, put the food on a oven safe dish before reheating. If you're worried that the food will dry out, just cover it with foil. Aim for a low-temperature oven (no more than 350°F), and check on it once in awhile until it's heated through. Enjoy!
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