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Weight Loss

High protein, low-calorie meals with a nutrient profile tuned for weight loss

Muscle Gain

Higher protein and calorie portions to support your muscle gain momentum


High fat, low carb meals with moderate protein to achieve and sustain ketosis

Fat Burner

Low carb, nutrient-rich meals with fat-burning profiles to support fat loss


A fully plant-based collection featuring no animal products


A vegetarian-friendly collection with a natural and nutrient-rich approach


All of our bestselling Value meals in one package for even less!

Gluten Free

A gluten-free collection with the same balanced profile as our other packages

Prebiotic Soup Cleanse

A protein-packed meal and two superb prebiotic soups per day for up to 14 days

Vegan Soup Cleanse

A vegan, plant-based version of our bestselling Prebiotic Soup Cleanse

Keto Soup Cleanse

A delicious Keto version of our bestselling Prebiotic Soup Cleanse

Organic Juice Cleanse

Our nutrient-packed cleanser with meals & juice for up to 14 days