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Value Package

A chef's choice selection of all of our best-selling Value meals! We pack nutrient-rich ingredients into each Value meal, all with recipes from our best-selling mainline meals. 

Our value meals include...

  • Bolognese Penne
  • Butter Chicken with Mixed Vegetables
  • Chicken Penne with Blush Sauce
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Hearty Italian Sausage Penne
  • Tender Beef with Mac n' Cheese
  • Penne & Meatballs

This package is PERFECT for students, those wanting to trial what we do, or anyone looking to eat healthy for less! A Value meal is a leaned-down version of our mainline meals, typically containing less protein, increased base or both. Deliciousness for less - win, win!

Note: Items picked are Chef's Choice! We cannot honour specific requests such as dietary restrictions or specific meal options.

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