LiveFit Beverages Cucumber Craze (354mL)

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These neutralizing, nutrient dense ingredients are ones you need to achieve a supreme alkaline environment. Cucumber Craze is packed with celery for its fresh flavor and its reputation as a diuretic dream. The celery notes are complemented by cucumber and kale. And, the Craze is layered with a hint of lemon too, the famous alkalizing queen. This combo makes for a green machine with a mission to keep your gut clean and your mind serene.

By the way, with zero sugar, I’m no sweetheart - Cucumber Craze is for those with a palette for the crisp and savoury side of life. This cold pressed beverage is traditional and its job is to get you to reach your exponential potential while keeping you as cool as a cucumber.

CELERY - Nature’s scrubbing brush. Celery will sweep your system out with a power wash of folic acid, iron, and Vitamin C
KALE - One of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet

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