LiveFit Beverages Can't Be Beet (354mL)

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Can't Be Beet is layered with wild notes, fruity flavours, and hearty beetroot tones that will tickle your tastebuds. A floral fantasy of pear trees, pineapple plants and a hint of rose lingering on the palate. The Rose Water is rich in antioxidants that reduce redness and will leave your skin feeling as soft as a petal.

Beauty blooms best with a great diet and good decisions - I’ll help you achieve both! Let me treat you to the taste of a summer vacay that has you shining for days.

PEAR - Contains tons of dietary fiber and potassium to keep your cholesterol low
PINEAPPLE - The tropical treat that feeds you with vitamin C, B, and thiamine
BEET - Beet's earthy tune gets your antioxidants in check with a melody of immunity
ROSE WATER - Anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties to keep your skin feeling like petals

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