Acropolis Organics Blonde Cracked Olives in Olive Oil with Rosemary (315mL)

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Our organic Kalamata olives are hand-picked from a family orchard in Argolida, Peloponnese, Greece, where the finest olive groves are found. After the olives are hand-picked, they are cured with sea salt and local spring water in the traditional way and packaged in our cold-pressed, Oregano infused Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We do not use caustic sodas or dyes, which are common industry practices, making our olives healthier, fresher and better tasting. Try warming them up in a dish and dipping bread into the oil, and you’ll be transported right to the island of Crete! Also known as ‘paradise’.

Made with organic ingredients.
Fresh, rich and potent flavours.
Packaged in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
No caustic sodas, dyes, preservatives or chemical and artificial additives.

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