Acropolis Organics Balsamic Vinegar with Honey (250mL)

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Made from Romeiki olives and pure Cretan honey with no artificial sugars added, our Honey Balsamic Vinegar has a light, sweet and tangy flavour that is great for roasting chicken, sautéing vegetables and grilling salmon. It’s naturally sweetened with honey, but has a more subtle flavour than our Mousto Balsamic Vinegar.

Instead of using cane sugar like conventional balsamic vinegars, the earthy acidity of Acropolis Organics’ Balsamic Vinegar is tempered by pure Cretan honey after being aged in oak barrels for six years, further enriching its flavor.

Our Honey Balsamic Vinegar is certified organic, so like all of our products, we never use pesticides or chemicals to make it. It’s also free from preservatives, additives and dyes, so each batch may have variations in consistency.

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